Sunday, May 13, 2007

Great Idea

What a great idea Dave.

I hope that the many of our members get an opportunity to see/use this blog site. It will be a great communication tool for us.

I just know that when we owners get the old dead tree stumps and debris removed as of this coming weekend (that is if the weather will FINALLY cooperate.(we've cancelled this event 2x already)\ they will really be able to see the beauty of the course.

We have done a great job these last 3 full years working on improving not only the general landscaping, but aeration of greens, improvement of ponds (a never ending battle), replenishing of new trees/plants/bushes. Wow!! We will truly become beautiful soon.

We have several plans, just takes time and of course $$ to accomplish all the things we would like to do to our beloved GBGC.Look forward to comments. Ruth

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